Blessed James Salamone, OP

Patron of Cancer Patients Apostle of the Afflicted

BLESSED JAMES was born to Adam and Marchesina Salomone in 1231 in Venice, Italy. At the age of seventeen he entered the Order of Preachers at the Priory of Saints John and Paul in that same city. Following his ordination to the priesthood, he devoted himself for many years to the care of the afflicted in ForlĂ­, a town near Bologna, Italy.

God granted BLESSED JAMES the grace of miracles during his lifetime. Once, while he was hearing the confession of a pious woman, she saw the Holy Spirit, in the form of a white dove, sitting on his shoulder and whispering into his ear. Another time, a young girl was cured by him of a terrible cancer on her leg.

BLESSED JAMES was himself afflicted with cancer during the last four years of his life. At his death, the cancerous wound on his chest disappeared, leaving only a faint scar, and from it arose a fragrant aroma.

BLESSED JAMES died on May 31, 1314, in his eighty-third year. His relics now lie in the Basilica of Saints John and Paul in Venice.

Devotion to BLESSED JAMES has been approved and encouraged by several popes. His feast is celebrated on the 30th of May.