Blessed James Salamone, OP

O BLESSED JAMES, during your life you received with utmost tenderness those who came to you with their afflictions of body and soul, consoling them even to the point of working miracles on their behalf. Now that you are in heaven, listen to my poor prayers and out of your goodness, help me in my needs with your unfailing intercession.

(Here state your intentions)

Obtain for me, I beg you, the grace to imitate your virtues, especially your generous love of God and neighbor, your profound humility, your tender devotion to our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament and to the Blessed Virgin Mary. Obtain for me also patience in adversity, fortitude in suffering, and preserve me from those dreadful ills against which you are invoked as a special protector.

May your assistance help me to live a holy life on earth so that I may deserve to be with you some day in the glory of heaven.

V. Blessed James Salomoni
R. Pray for us.