The Infant of Prague

The Statue of the Infant of Prague is a nineteen inch waxen figure made by master craftsmen. In 1628 the statue was with the Discalced Carmelites in Prague. Here devotion to the Divine Infant had begun to grow, with Father Cyril becoming its most zealous apostle.

In 1631 the King of Sweden invaded Prague. In haste to leave the city the monks left the statue behind. Peace was restored and in 1637 the monks returned to the city. The statue was no where to be found and rumors had it that it had been thrown in a rubbish pile. When the statue was found, it was very badly damaged.

Father Cyril sought a solution. A voice within him said: Place me at the entrance of the sacristy and you will receive aid! A stranger came forward and fixed the hands and restored the statue.

There are stories of miraculous healings and favors granted through requests made to the Infant. In 1639, a crown of gold made for the statue as a sign of gratitude for a favor received.

Today, in his left hand, the Infant holds a globe with a cross signifying the world wide kingship of the Christ.