Saint Agatha

Patron of Breast Cancer Sufferers

February 5 is the feast of Saint Agatha, the patron saint for breast cancer. Saint Agatha was born into a wealthy family, and consecrated to God at an early age. She was a lovely girl who attracted the attention of a judge, Quintianus, who wanted both her body and her money. When she refused him, he had her arrested and put into a brothel. She prayed and wept, and her virtue was intact after 30 days. The judge then had her taken to prison to be beaten and stretched on the rack. While chained, she was whipped, cut, burnt, and finally her breasts were cut off. She reportedly said to her guard: Cruel tyrant, do you not blush to torture this part of my body, you that sucked the breasts of a woman yourself? That night, Saint Peter appeared and gave her a miraculous healing. Quintianus, still not satisfied, ordered her to be rolled naked over live coals mixed with sharp bits of broken pottery. Saint Agatha made no other request after this, except that God would receive now my soul. She was martyred in AD 251.