The Life of Saint Jospeh

According to Sacred Scripture

Saint Joseph was of the House of David: a descendent of King David. The Gospels of Saint Mathew and Saint Luke provide us with much of what little we know of Saint Joseph.

The birth-place of Joseph was Bethlehem; yet, at the time of the Annunciation, Joseph seems to be living and working in Nazareth as a carpenter.

It was in Nazareth that Joseph was betrothed to and married Mary, who was to become the Mother of God. Finding Mary pregnant, Joseph seemed to be perplexed. He decided “to put her away privately; but while he thought about these things, behold the angel of the Lord appeared to him in his sleep, saying: Joseph, son of David, do not fear to take Mary as your wife, for that which is conceived in her, is of the Holy Spirit. … Joseph, rising from his sleep, did as the angel of the Lord had commanded him, and took her as his wife” (Matthew 1:19, 20, 24).

Shortly before the birth of Jesus, Joseph and Mary went to Bethlehem, to be enrolled, according to the decree issued by Caesar Augustus: a new source of anxiety for Joseph, for “her days were accomplished, that she should be delivered”, and “there was no room for them in the inn” (Luke 2:1-7).

Later, at the time of the Presentation of Jesus in the Temple, Joseph wondered about “those things which were spoken concerning him” (Luke 2:33).

Some time after the birth of Jesus, again in a dream, “an angel of the Lord appeared in sleep to Joseph, saying: Arise, and take the child and his mother, and flee into Egypt: and remain there until I tell you” (Matthew 2:13). This exile in Egypt lasted a few years.

This is the last the Sacred Scriptures tells us of Saint Joseph.